Start A Group
We welcome all types of 12 Step Recovery Programs.
If you or a group of people you know is looking for a place to host meetings on a regular basis, you are more than welcome to host meetings at the Alano Recovery Center.
A small rental fee will apply for the room, depending on the frequency of your meetings.
You can come and see the building, discuss your needs with one of our building managers,
and decide if it’s right for your 12-Step group.
Please contact us to discuss the days of the week and time you would like to schedule meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Meetings are focused on recovery from Alcohol using the meetings and 12 steps
to work toward sobriety “one day at a time”.

Narcotics Anonymous

This group is to address drug addictions from any mind altering substances.
The focus is to work the 12 steps and to attend meetings to increase the odds
of successful recovery.

Nicotine Anonymous
Nicotine Anonymous is a 12-step program of recovery from nicotine addiction based on the same principles and traditions as Alcoholics Anonymous. The only requirement for Nicotine Anonymous membership is the desire to be free from nicotine, the powerful drug in tobacco products. There are no membership dues or fees. The program is self-supporting through member contributions. For further information, call the Alano Club at (269) 660-3288 or visit the Nicotine Anonymous website at ALL are welcome to attend, whether you have quit or are working towards it.

Pills Anonymous
12 Step Recovery Group For Prescription Drugs

Gamblers Anonymous
12 Step Recovery Group For Compulsive Gambling

Alanon Family Group
12 Step Recovery Group For Families of Alcoholics and Codependence

Shepherd’s Embrace
Christian 12 Step Recovery Group